What do we live for?

mid-life-crisisI’ve officially reached my mid-life crisis. For those that have reached it you know what I’m talking about and for those still on your way you have something to look forward to.  In modern times a mid-life crisis is usually marked with a purchase of a sports car, speed boat, or some other symbol of youth and activity.  However, the mid-life crisis isn’t a crisis, but an evaluation; the crisis is how people react to it.  This is simply the point where you realize I’m neither young nor old.  It is where you evaluate what you’ve done over the first part of your life and consider what rest of your life will be like.  This mid-life evaluation of my life is certainly reflected in some of my more recent posts “Seasons of Life” and “A Giving Day”.  From my self-evaluation I’ve become aware that most of my life has been solely focused on working and supporting my family.  These things are important, but as practical as they are they aren’t “living”.

My pondering has led me to believe that living is about the value we bring to this world; that starts with our family and extends in to our local community. In “A Giving Day” I spoke about the importance of volunteering.  It is in this giving of our time that we can change someone’s life forever!  From there many lives may ultimately be impacted; like ripples from a rock thrown in a pond.  This I one of the reasons I’ve started this blog; to give you based on my perspective and experience and to learn from yours.

So to the question of what we live for I say it is legacy. It is leaving something behind that is bigger than us that positively impacts the world.  Raising a child with special needs, like autism, is challenging and can literally take as much time and energy as we can muster.  Yet, underneath the autism is a child who will live in this world after we’ve gone.  Doing what we can to make this world better for them and those around them is vital.  So I’m committed to not let autism rob me of doing what I can to make this world a better place for all of our children!

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