A giving day

nt-givingOn September 22nd our community had North Texas giving day.  This is a fundraiser for local non-profits.  In addition to highlighting many of the wonderful non-profits, this year the event raised 37 million dollars for 2,518 non-profits!  I love the North Texas community and the way this event gets bigger and bigger every year.  However, I’m reminded that money isn’t the only limiter to the impact these groups can make; they rely on volunteers.   Volunteers are key to allowing the non-profits to make the most of their money.  A very successful business man once told me that money is a multiplier, not an enabler.  All the money in the world can’t make a difference if there aren’t people who are committed to the task.  I ask myself this question:  Can I do more with 1 person and a $1000 or 10 people and $100?  People are the key, not the money.

There are a great number of community groups across this world. As special needs parents we have a lot going on in our life and it is easy to be focused only on our own problems.  However, we all have struggles in this life and it is up to all of us to pitch in and do our part.  Many people, and governments, seem to think the answer is in the money.  I reject that notion and say the answer is in the people.  Our ideas and our passions change the world more than any amount of money.  I’m hoping all of you will join me in volunteering in your local community.  Together we can make this world better!

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