Breeding Rabbits

black-bunnyMy kids are really excited to be in 4-H this year. Last year it was just CJ, but this year Mrs. SuperDad decided to give it a try with MC and AC as well.  Putting the younger kids in an activity such as 4-H is something we wouldn’t have done a few short years ago.  However, off the recent Sports World success we’re going for it.

Now CJ wants to breed rabbits and since it takes two AC has agreed to get a rabbit as well.  Actually AC is so excited that when she isn’t talking about Halloween she is hopping around, pun intended, talking about rabbits.  She was especially hyper today because Mrs. SuperDad came home with a rabbit cage.  Actually she and CJ had gone to “window shop” rabbits, but they didn’t take AC due to the super volcano like meltdown that would’ve occurred when they didn’t buy a rabbit.  However, both CJ and mom came home pumped up.  Mrs. SuperDad even spent a couple of hours this afternoon designing the enclosure for the metal cages.

Most of my childhood I lived on a hog farm and I spent several years in 4-H. Having grown up on a farm I have a very different perspective on animals than my children growing up in the burbs.  On a farm there are pets and livestock; there is a difference.  The livestock you feed and care for, but you don’t become emotionally attached.  After all they are going to end up on someone’s dinner plate; my apologies to the vegans and vegetarians, but just keeping it honest.  Our pets were part of the family and so we formed emotional attachments.  To be totally honest I got a little too attached to my first 4-H hog and it was pretty difficult when I had to sell him.  For my kids this is a whole new experience.  Although raising rabbits for breeding is going to be a bit different than selling a hog for food I bet the first time they have to sell one of rabbits it will be emotional.  On the other hand it will provide some good educational moments; I’m letting Mrs. SuperMom handle the mating discussion; hehe!

I think this is going to be a great experience for the kids. Although I’m not all that excited about having more mouths to feed,  the kids will be learning to be responsible for the well-being of another living creature.  To be fair the kids do have responsibilities with the cats, but let’s face it cats are pretty independent.  If the kids forget to feed and water them the cats just step up their game and simply steal more of the kids’ food and water.  If the kids get too neglectful they might even go the extra mile and pee on the kid’s pillows; I am cat hear me roar!  The rabbits on the other hand will be in a cage and won’t be able to fend for themselves; they’ll be completely dependent on the kids and that is a big responsibility.  Of course we’ll be watching out for them; kids and rabbits.  Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Ahhhhh maybe that’s why she called today..they were getting a cage:) yahoooooo breeding rabbits is awesome!!!!! The kids will do great and have fun:) We love when we have baby bunnies here!!!

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