Running through the Museum

PezSo we decided this past weekend to take the kids to the science museum. It had been a while since our last visit so the kids were so excited that our day at the museum turned into a run through the museum.  I would rather have taken it a bit slower and spent more time looking at each exhibit, but we were doing it as a family so running, walking, or crawling was fine as long as we had a good time.  I love the science museum because it is during these trips that we get to see our kids’ passions.  AC focused on dinosaurs, bids, and animals; walking back and forth naming all of the animals.  MC on the other hand liked the mechanical and sports areas.  Not surprisingly he wanted to do activities that involved moving his hands and feet.  CJ, being a bit older, has a bit wider interest and spent most of her time with Mrs. Superdad and AC.  All of us had a good time in the sports area where we raced dinosaurs.  Even Mrs. Superdad and I raced each other and we didn’t even pull any muscles!

The most surprising activity of the day was when we took the kids into a special exhibit of collectable items where the kids could only look and not touch; not something that my children are particularly adept at. Yet they all had a wonderful time and it was the slowest they walked all day.  AC loved looking at all of the collectables, especially the Pez dispenser collection.  Nothing fascinates an autistic kid more than hundreds of Pez dispensers lined up in rows on display.  I hadn’t seen a look like that on her face since last Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, AC has added like 100 Pez dispensers to her Christmas list. Believe it or not she did eventually move on to other exhibits.  On display were dresses, dolls, sports memorabilia, and a host of other items.

Although most of the museum was a run, we had a good time and the kids got some hands-on education. In a couple of the previous posts we had talked about various lessons and challenges to educating children; especially those with special needs.  This experience reminds me that sometimes education isn’t about us doing anything other than providing an opportunity for our kids to learn.  Get kids excited and put them in a learning situation and they will amaze you.  Sometimes education is like getting your kids to eat vegetables.  You can either fight your kid or just chop them up in the food processor and add it to their mashed potatoes.  When we make learning feel like work is it a wonder why we meet with resistance?

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  1. I adore you guys! You remind me of my own daily life with 4 kids and give me inspiration and some good old belly laughs! Keep it up! ♡♡♡♡

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