On to home and out of the rut

WiapioSo this past weekend we headed home after 3 weeks on the road. Although we were all sad to say goodbye to our family we were all ready to be home.  On our way home we visited with my mom and stepdad who had just moved back to Kentucky.  It was something that we had all been looking forward to and rounded out our trip.  Of course no trip would be complete without a little drama, such as pulling into the hotel at 11:45pm only to find out they didn’t receive the reservation.  However, taking it in stride we eventually made it to the room and in the grand scheme of things wasn’t a big deal.

After a long trip there is nothing as wonderful as arriving home. Everything always looks better than what you remember it, at least for a few minutes before luggage is carried in.  We made it home just before 6pm to find one attention starved cat.  We actually have two cats, but the other cat likes hide under the couch.  Unfortunately for the cat, AC knows this and I later found AC lifting up the couch trying to force the cat out; he was not happy and ran off to find a new hiding spot.  Later he did “allow” me to pet him, reluctantly, as he lay under my bed.  Cats are so moody.

The kids spent the remainder of the day reacquainting themselves with all their toys and activities that they hadn’t seen or done in the past 3 weeks…while Mrs. Superdad and I collapsed on the living room couch and chair. As I sat there wishing I could go to sleep, but knowing it wasn’t going to happen,  I started thinking about how far we had travelled and how much we had done.  Just to get to our destinations Mrs. Superdad and I travelled 11200 miles each, 2200 by car, in 3 weeks.  We had seen our families, hiked 2+ miles through a caldera, 4.2 miles at night to see an active lava flow (8.4 round trip), drove to the top of Mauna Kea,  looked through telescopes at Saturn and Mars, snorkeled, and got to visit several friends.  The kids got to spend a week with their aunt and cousin swimming, shopping, and going to the zoo; without mom and dad.  All in all I would call that a pretty good 3 week run of fun.

Now comes the really hard part, adjusting back to the normal day-to-day life. Our vacation already seems so long ago, but the recharge we got will hopefully carry us through the months to come.  It has helped me to take a step back and question some pre-conceived ideas.  It is easy to get stuck in a rut and so we need disruptions to periodically get us to sit up and take notice.  I’m sure some of these questions will lead to changes and that is a good thing.  I’ll talk more about these changes in future posts, but for now I’m just happy to be home.

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