HawaiiYou may have noticed I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Last week Mrs. Superdad and I did something that we haven’t done since we’ve had kids; take a vacation without the kids!  The 3rd of August was our 20th wedding anniversary and we decided a trip was long overdue.  We had been saving up for several years, but only decided on our destination a couple of months ago; the big island of Hawaii.  It was a wonderful time, but when we started planning the trip we were a bit nervous.  Going away on a trip and leaving your special needs kids with anyone requires a lot of planning.  The qualification for someone to watch your kids is more than just ensuring the person is responsible and trustworthy.  You must also consider how well they know the child and their needs, how they would respond to stressful and sometimes very public situations, and how does your child respond to them.  However, even after carefully considering all of these factors there are still no guarantees of success.  Lucky for us Mrs. Superdad’s sister (aka.  Superaunt) is the best candidate you could ever ask for and most importantly she was up for the challenge.  A couple of times AC and MC got to be a bit of a handful, but she managed them very well.  There were no major crises and the kids had a great time.  They got to go places and do things that we don’t normally do.  So, many thanks to Superaunt for allowing us to take a much needed vacation!


Many special needs parents have to face the very real possibility that their kids may have to live with them for most of their lives. When that happens the one-on-one time that most parents experience after raising their children never happens.  Yet a husband and wife must have time alone if they are going to have a healthy marriage.  I believe it is equally important for our children to have time away from their parents.  To provide our kids the best possible future we must allow them the opportunity to grow beyond us.  It is a challenge for both parents and kids, but in addition to strengthening marriage bonds it provides adventure and growth for our kids.  So start planning a family “awaycation” so that you can get to know your spouse and your kids can experience a special adventure.  It is OK if it takes you 20 years, but just get started!

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  1. You two deserved this so much!!!! I am so glad I could help you get this alone time. I would do anything for you and your amazing kiddos. I have to admit I was nervous at first but it went way better than expected!!! Yes we had a few bumps but those happen without special needs so it was perfect in my book. I’m so glad we got to go out and do some fun things:) love those kids and you guys!!!!

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