Be consistent. B-E Consistent.

Green TAs you’ve seen in some of my earlier blogs, MC is my little actor. However, at times he can be a bit of a con-man.  I’m not sure if he is destined for Hollywood or Sing Sing in upstate New York.  He’ll, out of the blue,  just come up and tell you how much he loves you, give you a hug and a kiss, and then grab the keys and break in to my office and steal candy.  Here is the most recent exchange he had with Mrs. SuperDad:

Mrs. SD: MC why is your tongue green?

MC: Don’t ask me.

Mrs. SD: MC why is your tongue green?

MC: I’m not going to tell you.

Mrs. SD: MC why is your tongue green?

MC: Stop asking me questions.

Mrs. SD: Did you eat Shrek?

MC: Yes, I ate Shrek. He’s dead.

Mrs. SD: MC what did you eat?

MC: Candy.

Mrs. SD: From where?

MC: I got it from Dad’s office.

Mrs. SD: Did daddy give it to you?

MC: (Knows he is busted so he goes for forgiveness) I’m sorry.

Mrs. SD: Did you steal candy from Dad’s office again?

MC: (Try for that forgiveness again) I’m sorry.

Mrs. SD: You didn’t learn your lesson last time? Do I have to ground you from candy again?

I must admit I laughed when Mrs. SuperDad told me about this conversation; MC wasn’t around of course.  However, this highlights very real problem that exists with many ADHD and Autism kids: impulse control.  MC knows it is wrong and he had just come off being grounded because of a similar incident.  In my experience disciplining a child with impulse control issues isn’t usually as effective as we expect.  Now that of course does not excuse the action nor mean we let it pass.  As a parent we are responsible to help to teach them right from wrong.  It just means we have to be more diligent and patient.  MC doesn’t always get it the first time, but we’ve found if we are consistent it will eventually get through.  Being consistent isn’t always easy, but it is necessary so hang in there.

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