Road Trip

So the big day, actually two days, have come and gone. We have arrived at the grandparent’s and the kids are super excited.  This was the best road trip yet!  Mrs. Superdad gets better at trip planning every year.  AC got the backseat to herself; MC and CJ were in the middle seats.  Other than the expected “Are we there yet?” and the “I’m tired; can we stop at a hotel” there was very little complaining; mostly happy noises.  AC was having so much fun looking out the windows and naming all of the animals that might live in the woods and hills.  We had plenty of food and drinks packed so other than stopping for gas and to stretch our legs at some very nice rest areas, thank you Missouri we love your rest areas, we just motored on enjoying the scenery.  Of course a road trip just isn’t the same if you don’t find a way to have some fun.  So we listened to a 70’s music playlist, to which CJ informed us the 70’s are dead and should never come back.  We also cycled through our “Hawaii” and Beach Boys playlists.  Nothing like sitting in a traffic jam singing and doing the wave to “Help me Rhonda”.  Besides embarrassing the kids, I’m sure we entertained the folks around us.  Plus we were following a truck that had Knight Transportation on the back.  So we were all discussing whether KITT, from Knight Rider was in the back.  We gave them some room just in case KITT needed to go after some baddie. KnightRIder

Road trips can be a bit of a gamble. There is construction, traffic jams, accidents, and of course the risk of a flat tire or mechanical problem.  However, I have no control over any of these events so why waste energy and time worrying about them.  Yet that is exactly what we do in so many areas in our life.  How much more enjoyable and fun is life when we look at the possibilities instead of just focusing on the risks.  With that I’m off to visit the family.  Thanks all! Have a great weekend!

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