sorryThe most overused and least understood word in my kids’ vocabulary is sorry. I must hear this word 20 times a day, anytime I call them out (not putting their dishes in the sink, laundry away, flushing the toilet, etc…).  Then when I explain to them that sorry is something you say when you feel bad for what you’ve done and don’t intend to do it again I get another “sorry”.  What do you think I hear when I ground them after they’ve said sorry? “I said I was sorry!”.  Sometimes I feel like blood will shoot out of my eyes!  I’ve also noticed the older kids have adjusted the sorry to be followed with an excuse.  For example:

Dad or Mrs. Superdad: “MJ have you taken out the trash?” (Knowing full well he hasn’t)
MJ: “Sorry, I forgot.”
Dad or Mrs. Superdad: “Trash day has been Wednesday for the past 2 years.  How is it possible you forget every week.”
MJ: “Sorry.”
Dad or Mrs. Superdad: “Why don’t you just set an alarm like we’ve been telling you.”
MJ: “Well the alarm doesn’t work and blah…blah…blah…”
Dad or Mrs. Superdad: “What is wrong with your alarm?” (His alarm works fine)
MJ: “I’ll go take out the trash.”

So this week I’ve decided to do a little experiment I like to call “Dad’s Sorry”; Mrs. Superdad is also onboard of course.  The goal is to teach the kids that the word sorry is useless and even hurtful when it isn’t genuine.  I don’t want to spill the details until after the results can be tallied.  What is the most overused word in your house?